Intersections X and Y

Intersections X and Y

Intersections X and Y (2016, Oil on canvas, 60cm x 60cm)


The net intersection points look like the letters X or Y, moving in a labyrinthine or crossword-like grid. The X in particular having many connotations – chromosomes, deletion marks or crossing-out, illiterate signature, ticking boxes, selecting, defacing, cancelling, negating, etc.. The Y speaks of masculinity or antibody structure.
Rather than completely obscuring the original painting with a dense/thick layer of deep black, I left it translucent so that the previous colours and net elements can still be perceived, allowing the viewer to see back in time and the history of the work. Unpainted sections of the original underpainting remain visible in the interstices and the surrounding frame-like border. The colour black discards eye-bending, scintillating colour effects caused by juxtaposition of contrasting colours; instead, it draws attention to the intensely ‘illuminated’ gaps or intersection points (and alludes to hidden answers, the unknown or anxieties).

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