Cryptic Net

The labyrinthine grid resembles the structure of crosswords and refers to/echoes our desire to decrypt and find solutions and meaning. The net shifts between different picture planes and states – its elementary, skeletal state in the form of dark squares, illusory deep space; its delicate, mysterious quality, only vaguely discernible due to its muted colours; and its rhythmic, free, energetic interplay with the grid through vibrant colour interaction, push and pull effects and varying tonal and simultaneous contrasts.
A small frame-like border, some interstices outlining the grid and unconcealed net elements allow underlying vibrant colours to shine through, creating a sense of visual tension.
The neutral/(non-) colour white is less emotionally charged than the starkly contrasting colour sections and offers the viewer’s eyes some empty space/silence for rest/ reflection.

Cryptic Net

Cryptic Net (2016, Oil on canvas, 80cm x 80cm)


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