Netscape (2016, Oil on canvas, 90cm x 100cm)


A portrait of an ‘analogue’ net’s sinuous, amorphous structure in tension with the geometry and control of the canvas frame. Parts of the net seem to be in a state of dissolution. The net is caught in an ambivalent situation between entrapment and constraint or enclosure and protection – a metaphorical state of reciprocity between inner life and outer world.
Use of chiaroscuro (light-modelling to suggest three dimensional volume) increases focus on the net’s (illusory) physical presence and emphasizes its fluidity and dynamic motion. Trompe l’oeil creates the illusion of the net’s attachment to a painted picture frame corner. The illusory frame section draws attention to its demarcation quality between surrounding real space and the viewer’s imaginary pictorial space that can potentially continue endlessly in their minds, beyond the frame’s limits.

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